Bahamas Information


  • Consists of over 700 Islands & Cays.
  • The Bahamas is owned as the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.
  • The Bahamas became Independent in 1973.
  • Long Island, is centrally located and approximately 180 miles south east of the Nations capital, Nassau.  The island is appx. 96 miles long and 7 miles at it’s widest point. The temperatures here are typically in the mid 80’s offering great sunshine throughout the year. It has unspoiled sandy beaches.
  • Commercial fishing is the main source of income.
  • The island has rolling hills on the Atlantic , with great elevation.
  • The West side and Caribbean side, has turquoise waters and white talc sandy beaches along the entire coastline.
  • There are two airports, one in the northern part of the island, Stella Maris, and the other centrally located Deadman’s Cay.